October 2011 :

  • Warning//Warning will tour the US on November and so far everything is fine : all the shows are confirmed except one. Thanks to Dennis for his work on this tour. More details on the "Next Shows" section.
  • "There's Nothing Left", the upcoming LP is at the pressing plant and should be out for the US tour hopefully! The artwork should be finished this week. Here's a preview of the front cover :


September 2011 :

  • The upcoming LP should be at the pressing plant in a few days. Here's some songs to listen :
    - Ghosts
    - Metal Slug
    - Zombie


August 2011 :

  • Warning//Warning recorded a new LP last month that should be out in November on Flower Of Carnage, Solar Funeral and Kick Rock. We'll upload some songs on the site as soon as it's mixed and mastered. We also recroded 1 song for a french compilation against jail, more info soon.
  • We plan to go on tour in the USSA in november!!! Denis from Solar Funeral organise the tour, a big THANKS to him!
  • The upcoming LP and a repress of the "My World" 7" sould be out for the US tour.


March 2011 :

  • Ok, I was very lazy with the site recently. Sorry! Nothing really new about the band because some of us are focused on the Gasmask Terrör Japanese Tour that is in less than 2 months. We still working on the upcoming LP that should be out sometimes in 2011 on Flower Of Carnage.
  • We have copies of the Downtown Noise Punker Vol. 3 CDR. 1€ without shipping.
  • I add some really great photos from the show in Nottingham last November. Thanks to Andy Greenstreet who took them. If you want to see his other photos, click here.


November 2010 :

  • We'll go on a UK/Ireland tour with Contort (Ireland, with Easpa Measa members) in a few days. More info in the "Next Shows" section. Come to say hello if you're around ok?


April 2010 :

  • DISTORT NAZI FRANCE WITH NOISE BOMBS TOUR 2010!!! Alright, Warning//Warning is going on a french tour this month, check the "Next shows" section for details. We'll have the 7" with limited covers and maybe the "Nuclear Cult" tape if it's ready.


Old "news" :


There's Nothing Left LP (November 2011 - Flower Of Carnage, Solar Funeral and Kick Rock - OUT SOON)

Nuclear Cult Tape (April 2010 - DIY - 130 copies on red pro-tape - SOLD OUT)
Dowload it with full artwork HERE

VA Downtown Noise Punker Vol.3 CDR (August 2010 - Mr Wanky)
Dowload it HERE

My World 7" (March 2010 - Flower Of Carnage/Kick Rock - 500 copies)
Dowload it with full artwork HERE

Demo Tape (May 2009 - DIY - 100 copies on pro-tape - SOLD OUT)
Dowload it with full artwork HERE


  • November 11th 2011 - Baltimore MD (USA) @ Bell Foundry w/ Religious War, Lotus Fucker, Sacrifidelis, Face The Rail, Nukkehammer
  • November 12th 2011 - Washington DC (USA) @ Asefu's w/ Nukkehammer, Coke Bust, Face The Rail, Major Damage, Big Mouth
  • November 13th 2011 - Columbus OH (USA) @ The Legion Of Doom w/ Silo, Dog Fight
  • November 14th 2011 - Cincinnati OH (USA) w/ Silo
  • November 15th 2011 - Pittsburgh PA (USA)
  • November 16th 2011 - Buffalo NY (USA) @ The Vault
  • November 17th 2011 - Albany NY (USA)
  • November 18th 2011 - Boston MA (USA)
  • November 19th 2011 - TBC
  • November 20th 2011 - Philadelphia PA (USA)
  • November 21th 2011 - NYC NY


  • October 1st 2011 - Bordeaux @ L'Athénée Libertaire w/ La Chutte De Saïgon, Criaturas (USA)
  • August 27th 2011 - Bordeaux @ Novo Local w/ Death To Pigs, Moravagine
  • June 12th 2011 - Bordeaux @ Boogaloo w/La Race, Mentaly Murdered
  • April 7th 2011 - Bordeaux @ Novo Local w/ Lispector, Moravagine
  • March 18th 2011 - Toulouse @ La Menace Mineure w/ Face Up To It!, Elaoïn Sdretu, Sadique Reverse
  • March 12th 2011 - Bordeaux @ La B.A.S.E. w/ Face Up To It! and more
  • February 26th 2011 - Bordeaux @ Boogaloo w/ Hondartzako Hondakinak, State Poison
  • February 4th 2011 - Bordeaux @ St Ex w/ M. Crane, Shell Shag (USA), Japanther (USA)
  • January 19th 2011 - Bordeaux @ Novo Local w/ Goudron
  • November 20th 2010 - Galway Ireland) @ Richardsons w/ Contort (Irl), The Athrocity Exhibit (UK), Swine (Irl)
  • November 19th 2010 - Dublin (Ireland) @ The Lower Deck w/ Contort (Irl), Putrefaction (Irl), Bludgun (Irl), Detritus (Irl)
  • November 18th 2010 - Cork (Ireland) @ Fred Zeppelin w/ Contort (Irl), Slug Bait (UK)
  • November 14th 2010 - Manchester (UK)@ Gullivers w/ Contort (Irl), Pine Barrens (UK), Cash For Your Stories (UK)
  • November 13th 2010 - Leeds (UK) @ Packhorse w/ Contort (Irl), The Afternoon Gentlemen (UK), Life Destruction (UK)
  • November 12th 2010 - Nottingham (UK) @ Chameleon w/ The Wankys (UK), Contort (Irl)
  • November 11th 2010 - London (UK) @ BTO w/ Contort (Irl), Woolf (UK), The Good Wife (UK)
  • October 12th 2010 - Bordeaux @ St Ex w/ Digital Leather (USA)
  • September 30th 2010 - Bordeaux @ L'Athénée Libertaire w/ Aguirre, Hongo (Spain)
  • September 23rd 2010 - Bordeaux @ Squat De La Terre w/ Arno De Céa, Basshaters (USA)
  • July 7th 2010 - Bordeaux @ Squat De La Terre w/ Caresse Carnage
  • May 1st 2010 - Ouillon @ Festival Agricole w/ Les Arboristes Agricoles, Face Up To It!
  • April 28th 2010 - Angers @ L'Etincelle
  • April 27th 2010 - Brest @ MPT Du Valy Hir w/ Warkorpse
  • April 26th 2010 - Amiens @ Chez Les Marmottes w/ Caresse Carnage, Elaoïn Sdretu
  • April 25th 2010 - Paris @ Relais de Belleville w/ Caresse Carnage, Elaoïn Sdretu
  • April 24th 2010 - Dijon @ Deep Inside w/ Warsaw Was Raw, John Makay
  • April 23rd 2010 - Lyon @ Croatia w/ Télécommande, State Poison
  • March 5th 2010 - Bordeaux @ St Ex w/ Hello Sunshine, MF Pin Pin Coco, Sheisberg, Excuse Excuse (Belgium)
  • January 12th 2010 - Toulouse @ Les Pavillons Sauvages w/ Drömdead (Venezuela), Dissiped
  • October 20th 2009 - Toulouse @ Pavillons Sauvages w/ Happy Meat, Siege Of Hate (Brazil), Witch Hunt (USA)
  • September 19th 2009 - Bordeaux @ Fest Up To It Fest w/ Face Up To It!, Lexomyl, Attentat Sonore
  • July 13th 2009 - Saint Etienne @ L'Assomoire w/ Bière Sociale, Lobotomia (Brazil)
  • July 6th 2009 - Bordeaux @ Hold'Em Saloon w/ Overdose TV, La URSS (Spain)
  • April 28th 2009 - Bordeaux @ Boogaloo w/ State Poison

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